What is m-Health ?

M-Health is the general term for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices. M-Health covers a wide range of purposes including health promotion, illness prevention and healthcare delivery; it can also be used for more technical and practical reasons such as electronic payments.

What is the potential of m-Health?

Though an emerging research field, m-Health does offer sizable opportunities to bring about major shifts in behaviour that can help improve global public health.  The escalating use of smartphones and tablet computers in both developed and emerging nations hints at the true potential of m- health. Hundreds of mobile applications (apps) are used everyday by millions of people to check on aspects of their health, but the full opportunities for intervention and connected health have yet to be exploited.

What challenges does m-Health face?

Mobile and internet-delivered interventions have the potential to change health risk behaviours, but use of these interventions by groups who will most benefit, such as the elderly, is often low. How m-Health apps can be used to greatest effect for public health impact remains a key challenge facing this field.

How will this workshop address these issues?

Our workshop brings together academics and practitioners to discuss research on increasing the effectiveness and content of m-Health applications.

Through discussion informed by differing perspectives, our aim is to offer an agenda for future m-Health application research. Key areas of the workshop will include:

  • How m-Health needs to be more than simply a delivery device and how behaviour change theories and techniques can be deployed using m-Health.
  • How personalized recommendations for use of m-Health apps are envisaged as a driver of uptake -how monitoring devices and methods originally developed for medical and scientific use are now penetrating consumer markets.
  • How longitudinal data about an individual and their health can usher in a new age of high resolution healthcare.