Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

We are a world-leading centre of excellence in the study of science, technology and innovation policy and management.

Our research, teaching and engagement activities build on many years of expertise, based upon a guiding principle of excellence, both in terms of academic rigour and societal relevance.


As a community of academics, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research studies, analyses and informs innovation and science management and policy in the public and private sectors, in the UK, across the EU and globally. The Institute has a strong history of working with partners across Europe, and on European issues. We are proud of our track record of research in national and European spheres, and we shall continue to work on similar areas, with new and longstanding partners in the future.

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, and in common with colleagues across the University of Manchester and elsewhere across the UK research landscape, we, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, assert our commitment to an open and inclusive culture. The Institute is a melting pot of nationalities, and proud of it. This international diversity and vibrancy not only underpin the quality of our research, but improve it, thereby informing decision makers and stakeholders all over the world.

In terms of participation in EU funded programmes, following official statements by Commissioner Moedas (June 27) and the UK minister of science (June 29) see ( , we can reassure all our European partners that UK based organisations will not only continue in on-going projects, they are also eligible for future applications until the end of any negotiations between the UK government and the EU Commission, which will be a couple of years at least.  

We therefore look forward to continue recruiting international staff and working with our international colleagues and friends in the years to come, both within and without the European Union.

For the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

 Jakob Edler (Executive Director), Paul Cunningham, Andrew James, Philip Shapira (Directors) 


We focus on the following key themes:


Our research is disseminated through a range of scholarly and other outputs. Recent scholarly publications are listed on the profile pages of each member of the institute Search Here and wherever possible an open access version is deposited in eScholar Here. The institute also publishes reports and a working paper series.

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We are a leading destination for postgraduate studies and professional development in the areas of innovation studies, technology management, and science, technology and innovation policy, attracting  doctoral students, academic visitors and policy professionals from all over the world.

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