Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre



DCS management structure is summarised as follows:


Prof Jian-Bo Yang


Prof John Keane (SoCS and Alliance MBS Honorary Professor)

Research Coordinator

tbc (Seminar series and research meetings)

Communication Coordinator

Dr Yu-Wang Chen (Website maintenance and external relationship)

Research activities by the members of DCS range from structured and hard model-based research such as evidential reasoning decision analysis, cognitive sciences and risk analysis, data and text analytics, and performance and resource optimisation, through to the development of decision support systems (DSS) such as web-based group DSS and intelligent DSS, to soft systems research such as problem structuring, decision facilitation and public participation, and to a wide range of applications such as strategic decision making, financial decision making, societal risk management, information visualisation, and evaluation of performance, sustainability, innovation, etc. These activities are often interlinked, indeed complementary, and all clearly fall within the generic areas of decision sciences, cognitive sciences and decision support systems with applications to all sectors.