Accounting & Finance

The Manchester Accounting and Finance Group (MAFG) is one of the leading accounting and finance units in Europe with an outstanding reputation for excellence in research and teaching programmes at all levels.

With an intellectual tradition rooted in the social sciences, MAFG has a superb research track record, with staff regularly publishing in leading international academic journals. MAFG maintains a deep commitment to knowledge development and policy engagement, and has long-standing connections with the business, financial and public sectors.
Home to over 50 academic and research staff, MAFG engages in research of an innovative and interdisciplinary nature covering important, conceptual and practice/policy-relevant issues. 

Accounting and finance research and teaching at Manchester is notable for its international scope and significance, focusing on both developed and developing nation contexts, and following a tradition that encourages study across the broad spectrum of the subject area. The group’s vibrancy and sensitivity to emerging research agendas is underpinned by a respect for all forms or methods of undertaking accounting and finance research. 

Latest publications

Our research is disseminated through a range of scholarly and other outputs. Recent scholarly publications are listed on the profile pages of each member of the division search here and wherever possible an open access version is deposited in our Research Explorer >>